HTC users blast company after ads appear on the default keyboard


Android Keyboard HTCAs far as mobile advertising is concerned, the less intrusive they are the better. While some websites have frustrating ads that forcefully interject themselves into your web browser, users can easily fight back by refusing to visit sites with insufferable ads. But what happens when mobile users can’t escape pestering ads because they’re inextricably tied to the OS itself?

It may sound like an implausible scenario but, believe it or not, it’s actually an issue currently affecting HTC users. According to a report from Android Police, HTC users are finding that the default TouchPal keyboard now features mobile ads. As far as intrusive and downright oppressive advertising is concerned, this one has to take the cake. It’s one thing to be bombarded with ads when browsing the web, it’s a completely another matter to see ads when you have your keyboard open and could potentially be in the midst of typing a personal text message or an important email.

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